Make Up For Ever Artisan Brushes

If you’re a brush freak, it’s time to drool.

I’ve always known Make Up For Ever (MUFE) for their foundations, powders and concealers, as well as their Aqua products, but honestly didn’t pay much attention to their brushes. But they’ve recently launched 75 brand new cruelty-free synthetic Artisan brushes that are very much worth sitting up to take notice of.

First of all, I actually tried these for the first time without reading any press info and was shocked later to realize that the fluffy, airy brushes were ALL 100% synthetic.

  1. They feel like super-fine natural fibers. The black tips feel almost like squirrel fur.
  2. They pick up products like natural fibers. What I don’t always like about synthetic brushes is they don’t quite perform the way you want them to. Like it or not, they don’t pick up and blend powder products as well as many natural fibers do.
  3. They don’t feel super-dense like synthetic brushes. There’s a lot of softness and “bounce” in these.
  4. And unlike a lot of synthetic brushes, they don’t take forever and a day to dry. 

What they’ve managed to do is to mix fibers with a teeny-tiny wave in them, in with straight fibers to incorporate “air” into the bristles. Natural fur is irregular, not all smooth and straight, which is how they manage to pick up more pigments and allow you to deposit them on the skin in a more controlled way. With wavy fibers, the MUFE brushes manage to mimic real hairs without sacrificing the cruelty-free credo and the durability of synthetics.

Most of the brushes have a similar duo-fiber structure. The makeup is applied using the ultra-fine black fibers, which are separated by thousands of coarse brown fibers so they aren’t flat and dense. For most of the face brushes and that interesting body kabuki, you don’t apply with the SIDES of the brush. You apply with the ultra-cottony tips.

I can talk forever, but the proof is in the pudding. You just have to go down to a counter to touch these for yourself!

There IS one catch however. There always is.

These don’t come cheap.

The prices range from SGD$20 for the lash/brow spoolie to $95 for the plush double-ended face sculpting brush. I can’t say you should run out to buy every single brush in the collection - although if you can afford to, congratulations.

It’s worth considering investing in a couple of staples or more unique pieces that you can’t find in other ranges, especially if you’re a pro who wants a cruelty-free kit, but aren’t quite satisfied with the performance of many of the face brushes on the market currently (for the various reasons I mentioned above).